středa 14. srpna 2013

Chiara D'Alessandro: Wagner and Verdi, Parallel lives

Musical giants face each other in Verona in an international, multi medial exhibition at Gran Guardia Palace.

Legacy of Wagner and Verdi is celebrated in bicentenary year, they are pioneers of their era and their archetypal characters are still up-to-date. While they never met, they seemed to resent each other greatly. In this range, Classica Italia, Skira Classica  and Scandurra architectural firm present the show- exhibition till  8 September.

Walking across the halls of Gran Guardia Palace, everything will focus on the comparison between Operas and personality of the two great composers, joined by the same epoch, but diverging about  musical languages. They embody two completely different outlooks on life and art, which are rooted in the cultures of their respective nations. While Verdi perfected the older form of Italian opera known as "bel canto" , Wagner experimented with new forms of recitation and revolutionary orchestration modes.

The exposition examines the main themes: love, hero, night, death, arts and parties. Visitors will  have a complete knowledge of Verdi and Wagner and are going to have the chance to get immersed in all the music, videos and pictures, whether they already love it or whether they think it is not for them.

This year marks the centenary of Britten's birth, too.
Don't forget it!

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