sobota 29. prosince 2012

Chiara D'Alessandro: Macbeth, Filarmonico Verona

Making a sort of counterpoint to the Milanese La Scala opening night, Filarmonico Theatre of Verona, 1260 seats, chooses Macbeth in a new production.
Born in 1981, Omer Meir Wellber is emerging as one of Israel's most talented young conductors today.
Nowadays, Verona is promoting young and rising conductors,like Andrea Battistoni.
Conductor    Omer Meir Wellber
Coreography    Maria Grazia Garofoli
Macbeth             Andrzej Dobber
Banco             Roberto Tagliavini
Lady Macbeth   Susanna Branchini
Lady Macbeth's companion  Francesca Micarelli
Macduff              Massimiliano Pisapia
Malcom              Giorgio Misseri
Doctor               Dario Giorgelè
Macbeth's servant /hired killer    Seung Pil Choi
Apparition    Alberto Testa/ Vittoria Sancassani

We are at the starting point of Lyrical season, waiting for 2013, centenary of Lyrical music in Arena and bicentenary of Giuseppe Verdi's birth. 

Red and white are the predominant colors, in a minimalist stage, liked to the young audience.

Conducting was perfect and full of care for the singers, the choir had a great sonority and sang very well. 

Lady Macbeth, Susanna Branchini, was wonderful. A real Verdian Soprano. Her voice reached the audience in an amazing way, thanks to its agility and strength. 
The interpretation was soft, but interesting, good modulation of the voice and sometimes making use of declamato. 
She gave us a realistic Lady. 

A great surprise for me was Roberto  Tagliavini, young and accomplished Italian bass. His singing and interpretation of Banco was wonderful. 
Timber and power of his voice were perfect.

Polish baritone Andrzej Dobber wasn't in good shape, today. Sometimes his voice was throaty and besides, he lost the opportunity to give to his Macbeth a psychological dimension.
Macbeth is an anguished character, torn between power desire and fear.
Events are coming to a head and he feels at their mercy. 

Baby ghost's voices were sufficiently worryingly, but the direction chose not to show them, the audience could  only listen to their voice.

Another particular choice of the direction, was the "hidden" singing of Lady Macbeth in the fourth act. The curtain was dropped and we could only see the Doctor and Lady Macbeth's companion, that had a lovely voice. 

Before the beginning of the third act, there was an interesting ballet on the stage, with the Arena corps of ballet. 

A great experience and a good beginning for Teatro Filarmonico of Verona.

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