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Curyšská Tosca v geniální režii Roberta Carsena

Na přání pana Thomase Hampsona uveřejňujeme dnes recenzi v anglickém jazyce. Osobně by si rád přečetl příspěvek (ovšem prozatím nemluví plynule česky). Proto bude dnes recenze vyjímečně v angličtině.

Česká recenze této inscenace zde byla již publikována. Mužete ji nalézt zde:http://operadream.blogspot.com/2009/04/thomas-hampson-jeho-scarpia-v-curychu.html

Jediným rozdílem v obsazení hlavních rolí byl Franco Farina, který nahradil Jonase Kaufmanna v roli Cavaradossiho.

Unbelievable Tosca production at Zurich Opera House

Some might say that it's not ordinary to see an opera production more than once. I would disagree here. Seeing two slightily modern Tosca performances in Zurich (26.2. and 28.2.2010)was very interesting, meaninful and breathtaking!

I'd like to say that Tosca was the first opera I ever saw live in the theatre. Since then I've seen 9 different Tosca productions all around the world. So why was the 10th production in Zurich so special?

Robert Carsen brought so much more and new to his Tosca than anyone could ever dream of. It's a stylish view on a world where less means more and where beauty doesn't necessarily mean kindness.

I don't think I am the only person who goes to see Puccini's Tosca because of the character of Scarpia. This man is a monster, a devil who does anything to achieve his goals. There'll be no action or drama without the villain- Tosca and Cavaradossi would have lived happily ever after if Scarpia would not cross their paths. (doesn't it remind you of Verdi's Otello a bit)?

Emily Magee's Tosca was the biggest surprise for me. She gave it her all - she didn't play the part, she lived it. A wonderful soprano voice that we should hear more often about.
Brava!! Franco Farina was a decent Cavaradossi who sang much better on Sunday (second performance). Surely an artist to keep an eye on.

A lot has been said and written about Thomas Hampson and his Scarpia. Would this role be right for him vocally? How is he going to approach the character? The answer is clear; Mr. Hampson's Scarpia is different - elegant and horrid at the same time; it's a mentally disunited manwho knows nothing but victory.

Victory; that's exactly the result of his Scarpia. Hampson shows us the way how to portrait a character his way (and also Robert Carsen's way). Perhaps opera is not only about singing these days. And Mr. Hampson surely knows that.

I hope to come back to Zurich soon to see more wonderful performances in the future. What a wonderful opera house!!

Conductor: Maestro Nello Santi
Director: Robert Carsen

Tosca: Emily Magee
Cavaradossi: Franco Farina
Scarpia: Thomas Hampson
Angelotti: Valeriy Murga
Mesner: Giuseppe Scorsin
Spoletta: Andreas Winkler
Scoarrone: Morgan Moody
Schliesser: Igor Bakan

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